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Pharmacist Admonished in Veterinary Case

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Lane Powell Shareholder Ron Friedman was quoted in a September 5 Veterinary Information Network News Service article titled “Pharmacist Admonished in Veterinary Case.” The article discussed a “notice of correction” that was filed against Firm client Amro Abu-Hallawah by the Washington State Board of Pharmacy. Abu-Hallawah is a pharmacist from Tacoma, Wash., who made comments to a customer that led her to believe that her veterinarian may have prescribed a lethal dose of Diazepam, an anti-anxiety prescription, to her dog. The notice of correction required Abu-Hallawah to ask his employer to provide its pharmacists with additional information relating to the proper dosing of drugs for pets.  The Board of Pharmacy had originally proposed more serious disciplinary action, but the matter was resolved through the issuance of a “notice of correction”, which is not regarded as formal disciplinary action. Friedman represented Abu-Hallawah and commented on the case.

Abu-Hallawah’s lawyer, Ronald J. Friedman, stated in a letter dated March 19 to the Department of Health that his client “never told the owner to use a lesser dose or that the subject dose would ‘kill the dog.’”

Abu-Hallawah’s attorney, in his letter to the department, had requested leniency due to “collateral consequences … unique to Mr. Abu-Hallawah.” He explained that Abu-Hallawah, 31, is a native and citizen of the country of Jordan, living in the United States with his wife and two children as a professional worker sponsored by his employer. …

… His lawyer, Friedman, stated that any negative conditions placed on Abu-Hallawah’s pharmaceutical license, including probation, could lead to him and his family being deported. “This would be an extraordinary penalty considering the events at issue,” he wrote.

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