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The Private Equity Prom — How to Land the PE Firm of Your Dreams

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Lane Powell attorneys Brian DeFoe and Reuben Ortega authored an article in Seattle Business magazine’s June issue titled “The Private Equity Prom — How to Land the PE Firm of Your Dreams.” In the article, DeFoe and Ortega discussed private equity (“PE”) financing, as well as tips for pursuing PE partners.

Are you looking for someone to invest in your new company or help expand your business? Landing private equity (PE) financing can be like preparing for your high school prom. To impress that special someone you have admired, you must be organized, confident and forward-thinking. Remember, as Mitt Romney said: “Corporations are people, too.” Getting PE financing is going to take all your best moves and more than a little luck.

When choosing potential partners, it helps to know your type. Just as you’d select a date for the prom, you need to know your ideal investor. Are you looking for an athlete who will help you sprint to a finish? Maybe you would rather spend time with a bookish straight-A student who can help you improve your own study habits. Focusing only on the person with the finest physique or the firm with the largest bankroll, may not be the best option. You want a complete package: someone who understands your business, with meaningful industry contacts and a skill set to maximize the likelihood of everyone’s success.

Read the article (PDF).