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The Next Four Years: The LGBT Community and the New Normal

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Lane Powell Shareholder Susan K. Eggum authored an article in the March issue of Oregon Business magazine titled “The Next Four Years: The LGBT Community and the New Normal.” In the article, Eggum discussed the strides that are being made by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) to prevent the discrimination of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (“LGBT”) workers by their employers. The EEOC also plans to target employers that display a bias based on sexual orientation. With the recent approval of the Strategic Enforcement Plan (“SEP”), employers having class-wide practices that discriminate against protected workers will be under closer scrutiny by the EEOC. Although Oregon’s constitution currently only recognizes marriages existing between one man and one woman, several Oregon employers are already providing their LGBT employees with the same benefits and personnel policies offered to employees whose partners are of the opposite sex. According to Eggum, “Such employers are less likely to be the subject of an EEOC local district enforcement inquiry under the SEP, and if selected for investigation, those employers will be a step ahead in credibility and in controlling EEOC litigation risk and costs.”

Read the article (PDF).