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Getting Real on the Counterfeit Goods Front: The Growing Problem on Distribution of Counterfeit Products Through the Internet

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Lane Powell Attorneys Julianne Davis and Jay Smith-Hill authored an article in Portland Business Journal‘s February 22 issue titled “Getting Real on the Counterfeit Goods Front.” In the article, Davis and Smith-Hill discussed the growing problem of counterfeiting, and how the Internet has played an increasing role in the distribution of counterfeit products. Davis and Smith-Hill also discussed actions that companies may take to monitor and safeguard their business against counterfeiting, including enlisting the help of their clients.

Counterfeit sales make up as much as 7 percent of worldwide trade. All told, counterfeiting is a $650 billion industry.

An estimated 750,000 U.S. jobs are lost every year as a direct result of counterfeit goods. The lost jobs aren’t limited to the brand holders whose products are being knocked off. Counterfeiting also results in job losses in enterprises providing manufacturing, supply chain, advertising, media and retail services to the brand holders.

As the manufacturing capacity of developing countries continues to grow, so does the volume of fake goods being produced. The growth in that supply in turn fuels the demand for counterfeit products. The Internet, with its instant global reach and anonymity, has become the counterfeiters’ forum of choice for distributing their illicit wares. 

Read the article (PDF).