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Lane Powell Helps Con-way Set the Stage to Bring New Seasons Market to Northwest Portland

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After Lane Powell helped Con-way obtain a master plan approval from the City of Portland last August, allowing the transformation of 18 acres in Northwest Portland into a mixed-use district with retail, office and housing, developers have recently announced plans to build a New Seasons Market on the site of a former Con-way freight warehouse. Lane Powell Shareholder Robert Koury was instrumental in negotiating the deal between Con-way and the developers, C.E. John Company, which in turn finalized the deal with New Seasons Market. Lane Powell Shareholder Jill Long was responsible for obtaining the land use approvals to allow a single 28,000-square-foot grocery store on the Con-way property. Prior to new land use approvals, the Con-way property was limited to retail uses no larger than 10,000 square feet.

The area, which is comprised of mostly surface parking lots, is now set to have a block-long city park, a northern extension of the Portland streetcar, and the newly-announced New Seasons grocery store. The master plan ended multiple years of negotiations between Con-way, the City of Portland and the Northwest District Association, resulting in the ability for Con-way to develop its property into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood.