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Agenda Setting — Olympia’s New Faces Must Address Transportation Infrastructure Funding

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Lane Powell Shareholder Grant Degginger authored an article in Seattle Business magazine’s January issue titled “Agenda Setting — Olympia’s New Faces Must Address Transportation Infrastructure Funding.” In the article, Degginger discussed the need for Olympia to address transportation infrastructure funding, as well as the consequences of not doing so.

January brings many new faces to Olympia. A new governor and an unusually large number of new members in the State House of Representatives and State Senate who have both volunteered and been elected to assume the mantle of leadership.

Unfortunately, many of the same problems will be there to greet them, including a projected $900 million shortfall in the current biennium’s budget and a State Supreme Court mandate to close the gap in basic education that is estimated to cost $1 billion per year. Investment in infrastructure — particularly our transportation system — will drop dramatically without prompt action. Increasingly, bottlenecks and gaps in our transportation system are eroding our competitiveness and precluding job growth.

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