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Mandatory Arbitration Can Work for Employers and Employees

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Lane Powell Shareholder Mike Reilly authored a December 14 Puget Sound Business Journal article titled “Mandatory Arbitration Can Work for Employers and Employees.” In the article, Reilly discussed mandatory arbitration programs and the benefits they provide in resolving employment disputes.

“Your employment jury trial scheduled next week has been bumped because of an ongoing criminal trial,” the attorney told his client, an employee suing his employer. Waiting 14 months was not enough. All that money and time getting ready for trial: wasted.

What if the employee’s claim had been arbitrated? Studies confirm that arbitration would have: (1) resolved this claim cheaper and faster for the employee and employer, (2) decided liability and damages like a courtroom decision, and (3) helped to preserve a positive working relationship between employee and employer.

 Read the article (PDF).